Your Idea Counts! (Summary & Index)

This blog series publication was originally created in Jive Works and is faithfully replicated here as a convenience to our users.

Brandy Robert, Senior Manager, Proactive Service Delivery, Oracle Corporation and Rob Shapiro, Senior Director, Customer Service Experience, Oracle Corporation, have teamed up to implement ideas in My Oracle Support Community. The Your Idea Counts! series of blogs was co-authored by them and will deep-dive in to topics such as why idea generation is important today; ways to capture ideas; user and business impact; changing company culture to rally around ideas; and, of course, measuring idea ROI’s, KPI’s and other intangibles.

Our blogs series, Your Idea Counts!, is not about the platform but rather about the definition, thought process and end-to-end process of implementing ideas in the enterprise for a product(s) but could easily be applied in many other avenues. This is a series because there is much to say and we don’t want you to have to read a book to get something out of it immediately (so, short and productive pieces). This blog series gives you the necessary thinking and end-to-end plan (with actions along the way) on using Ideation.

Your Idea Counts!

   Your Idea Counts: How to successfully implement ideas in a global customer community

What is an idea? How do we express an idea? The Thinking Model.

   Your Idea Counts: The Importance of an Engagement Model

The Transaction Problem (1-on-1), The Knowledge Problem (lack of knowledge), Problem Solved (using Ideation and resultant benefits) and The Engagement Model (tips for creating a model).

   Your Idea Counts: Implementation Planning

Planning for implementation including executive buy-in, defining the plan, setting expectations, engagement, commitment and communication.

   Your Idea Counts – Go Live

Rewards & Recognition. Gamification. Real-World Rewards. Capturing ideas. Details of process. For your convenience, Download the Your Idea Counts! Template  recommended in this topic installment.

   Your Idea Counts: Idea Valuation (aka Reporting or Analytics)

Basic Metrics. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Return On Investment (ROI).

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