Pricing Details

Our pricing is based on the number of sites you plan to use. All plans include:

  • Updates and new releases
  • Membership on our site which gives you access to:

    • Support via online community
    • Exclusive members-only documentation, blogs and downloads
    • Influence the future of this plugin with enhancement requests using our own plugin
    • Other services or functions such as it becomes necessary or desired

For non-profit organizations to benefit from the almost free price, please Contact Us with a link included to show us your Section 501 (c)(3) proof and we will send you a special link to make your purchase.


Accommodates most businesses or organizations


2 sites

$1.00 for Non-Profits


For professionals or consultants needing several sites


6 sites

$9.00 for Non-Profits


Enjoy the success of ideas for a lifetime!


Unlimited sites

$99.00 for Non-Profits