Good writing is thought-provoking..... least, that is our goal!!!

We love writing about idea exchange (the tools and structure) and ideation (the process and use cases or examples)!

While there are many tools and structures out there, we like to believe that Your Idea Counts! is a new and fresh approach because we really thought about what is needed for you to be successful using it.

By itself, a tool may enable you to ask customers what they would like to see in your service or product but that's where most of them end. For us, there are elements missing both before and after the tool. Have you thought about all the facets that compel you to think about implementing a way to connect what your customers are asking for in tandem with your business goals? What will be the outcome for you and your customers? In what ways will this improve your product or service? In what ways will you be better and more efficient in delivering ideas?

Our plugin name comes from a blog series we co-wrote called Your Ideas Count! and this is where we kick off your thinking to answer questions we ask as well as questions you have yet to ask. Whether you just glance at all 5 parts or carefully study each one, this is the beginning of a journey that will reap benefits and rewards in your business. Here in Topics we will exclusively continue to write about idea exchange and ideation.