User Guide > Viewing An Idea

To see an ideas full detail and associated information about it such as status, tags, comments made and so on, click the link to the idea wherever you see it such as in Browse Ideas or Recent Ideas.


 1  Place your vote

Each user is allowed one, and only one, vote per idea. The voting score, which is the number displayed, will indicate how the next vote will affect the score.

In this example, the voting score is 1 which represents 2 votes for and 1 vote against.

Users are allowed to change their mind as frequently as they want. This allowance is made because as an idea evolves, the comments or replies by other users can sway the thinking of users who might want to change their vote accordingly.

Note: At present, a vote can't be removed (neutralized). Once a vote has been made, it can only be changed and not removed.


 2  Status

The idea status is managed by the Administrator. When voting is not allowed, instead of the arrows letting you vote, they will be grayed-out to prevent voting.

See the FAQ concerning the statuses available and whether or not they can be voted on.


 3  Follow / Unfollow

When the link shows Follow, click it to follow the idea. When the link shows Unfollow, click it to discontinue following the idea.


 4  Voting

The voting widget shows who voted and how they voted. The arrow going up in the green circle is a vote for and the arrow going down in the red circle is a vote against.


 5  Idea detail

The idea description, details and any supporting documentation such as images or links.


 6  Tags

The idea tags associated with the idea.


 7  Categories

The idea categories associated with the idea.



Comments previously made.


 9  Replies to comments

Replies previously made.

Replies to comments can be made by clicking the Reply button. The box you enter the reply in will look the same as a new comment, Leave Your Thoughts, but after it is posted it will appear indented under the comment where the reply was made.

In the example, User1 has replied to User2's comment and is indented under it.

Note: There is no limitation to how far replies can be nested, but visually, depending on the device used, it could become difficult to read or follow.


 10  Leave Your Thoughts...Post A Comment

If commenting is allowed, at the bottom of the idea you can leave your thoughts and post a comment.