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Authors are allowed to edit the details of their idea as well as manage tags in their idea. This serves a very useful purpose for a few reasons. When an idea is initially created, it may not be complete or comprehensive and yet still necessary to create. As the discussion for or against the idea evolves, the idea could change in minor or major ways. In both cases, the same is true for tags.

To edit an idea, go to the idea detail and click Edit.

Now the idea can be changed.


 1  Voting details

The top line of the idea detail has the following:

  • Vote: This is the voting score, not the number of votes and can't be changed by anyone other than the users who change the score by their voting. Each vote upwards or downwards counts as 1. In this example, the vote is 1 which represents 2 votes for and 1 vote against. You can see who voted for and against to the right in the Voting widget.
  • Status: This is the idea status. Only Administrators can change the status. See the FAQ concerning the statuses available and whether or not they can be voted on.
  • Follow or Unfollow: Click Follow to begin following the idea and click Unfollow to discontinue following the idea.


 2  View Template

In the event something is needed from the template, the View Template link is provided as a convenience to copy and paste whatever is necessary from it.

Since View Template is a PDF file, the user can also download it for future reference:


 3  Author Options

The Author can change the tags (as can the Administrator) to any and all existing tags or a new tag can be added with Change Tags option.


 4  Idea detail

The Author can change the description or details of his/her idea.