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The ability to manage an idea is really important, so only Administrators can modify the managing elements and behaviors of ideas with the exception that an Author of an idea can edit their idea description and idea tags as noted in the documentation section User Guide > Editing An Idea > By Author.

To edit an idea, go to the idea detail and click Edit.

Now the idea can be changed.


 1  Voting details

The top line of the idea detail has the following:

  • Vote: This is the voting score, not the number of votes and can't be changed by anyone other than the users who change the score by their voting. Each vote upwards or downwards counts as 1. In this example, the vote is 1 which represents 2 votes for and 1 vote against. You can see who voted for and against to the right in the Voting widget.
  • Status: This is the idea status. See the FAQ concerning the statuses available and whether or not they can be voted on. Only Administrators can change the status. Note that Administrators change the status by going to the WordPress Dashboard, Ideas > All Ideas. See Plugin Guide > Dashboard > All Ideas. 
  • Follow or Unfollow: Click Follow to begin following the idea and click Unfollow to discontinue following the idea.

Note: In our Premium version, you can add Moderators who can also change status. It could be very useful to assign product managers, developers or technical support as a Moderator.


 2  View Template

In the event something is needed from the template, the View Template link is provided as a convenience to copy and paste whatever is necessary from it.

Since View Template is a PDF file, the user can also download it for future reference:


 3  Moderator Options

Administrators can use the Moderator Options to manage idea categories, idea tags and allow or not allow comments.

Important note: The ability to assign Moderators is only available in Premium, but using the Moderator Options is intended for both Moderators and Administrators to make changes. This will be changed to just "Options" where the options allowed are based on role (Author, Moderator, Administrator) in a future release.

Idea categories can be changed to any and all existing categories with Change Categories option. Note that to add a new category, the Administrator has to add these from the WordPress Dashboard, selecting Ideas > Idea Categories.

Idea tags can be changed to any and all existing tags or a new tag can be added with Change Tags option.

Comments in ideas are allowed or not allowed with the Comments option.

When an idea is created, the default is to allow comments. In this example, they have been turned off but clicking Allow will turn them back on. When turning comments off by clicking Not Allow, comments may not be entered. This does not affect existing comments and those will continue to be displayed to users when they look at the details of any idea. When comments are not allowed, at the bottom under the last comment made the user will see the message Comments are closed..

Depending on the business and what it is selling or servicing, turning off the ability to create a new comment can be warranted when a product or service is Fully Delivered, Already Available or if it is a Duplicate of another idea being pursued as good examples. Sometimes it may be tempting to turn off comments in statuses such as Not Enough Interest or Not Considering, but that may not be ideal because it could be inadvertently suppressing the ability for a user to think about a new twist or thought that could transform the idea in to something the business would actually like.

If your site is having temporary spam issues and spammers or phishers are able to make comments and replies without your approval as users of your community, briefly turning comments off to fix the spam issue would probably be warranted and then when fixed the comments can go back on again.


 4  Idea detail

The Administrator can change the description or details of any idea.


 5  Important Note concerning editing comments or replies

In order to edit a comment or reply (which WordPress treats as a comment), the Administrator will need to go to the Dashboard > Comments to edit the comment or reply:

Then he/she would make the necessary changes that would result in this change when looking at the comment/reply in the idea details, using this example:

While it will always be tempting to just delete something that violates your Rules Of Conduct, as community professionals ourselves, we don't believe in that kind of censorship and even when deleting is perfectly justifiable it can backfire and turn viral unnecessarily. Simply "starring" abusive words or phrases and then sending the user a "strike 1" message has proven to resolve this behavior in the majority of cases.

Note: We will consider something better for editing comments/replies in the future but can make no promises now.