User Guide > Creating An Idea

Creating an idea should be simple, yet have good flexibility and options to enhance the experience.

Note that in sections 2 (Use Template) and 3 (View Template), we show you how to disable the links if you do not want these available to users. In our free version it is not possible to change the template, but in our Premium version you can change it to be anything you want.


 1  Idea Title *

The title of the idea is required as denoted by the asterisk (*) of the prompt to enter the Idea Title*. Ideas without titles can't be created.


 2  Use Template

The Use Template link will insert the existing template in to the body of the idea. See  3  View Template below to see what it looks like.

Note that the Use Template function faithfully copies the template format and content, i.e. bold, italics, images, tables, etc.

Since it will overwrite anything that is currently in the body of the idea, it will first ask if you are sure you want to do this:

Note that the default of No is to not proceed.

Should the user want just a part of the template or wants to add the template to existing content, the View Template link will show the template in a new browser tab so that the user can copy and paste it wherever it is needed in the body of the idea.

Note: If you do not want users to have access to the Use Template link, add the following CSS code to disable it:

/* Disable "Use Template" */
.yic_front label.yic-use-template {
display: none;


 3  View Template

The View Template link (which shows the template in a new browser tab) is provided for a few reasons, but the primary reason is to remind the user what it looks like and what is being requested or noted.

Note that since PDF is an output format, when the user copies and then pastes anything from it, all formatting and non-text objects such as images and tables are lost.

Since View Template is a PDF file, the user can also download it for future reference:

Note: If you do not want users to have access to the View Template link, add the following CSS code to disable it:

/* Disable "View Template" */
/* Disable from Create An Idea */
.yic_front label.yic-view-template {
display: none;
/* Disable from Edit An Idea */
.yic_front_edit_idea label.yic-view-template-edit-idea {
display: none;


 4  Describe The Idea

The body of the idea is where the idea is described. Please see the above description for using the Use Template and View Template links.


 5  Tags

Tags can only be added, changed or removed by the Author or Administrator.

In the box provided for tags, begin typing letters. If tags exist with the letters entered, they will be displayed so that they can be chosen:

If no tag exists, complete the spelling and then press the Return (or Enter) key to add the tag:

The result of doing this will show the tag has been added. Here "budget" has been added as a tag:


 6  Publish or Cancel

Click the Publish button to create the idea or the Cancel button to not create the idea and leave the screen.

If an attempt to Publish is made and there is no detail in the body of the idea, an error will occur:

Blank ideas can't be created. If an idea is being created as a bookmark of sorts because you are uncertain what to describe in whole or in part, either waiting to get complete information or adding a sentence that might represent a summary until it can be more completely written would be recommended.