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From your WordPress Dashboard, select Ideas > All Ideas to see all ideas created by the plugin with idea-specific data.

The Title and Date should be obvious. A few things to call out specific to idea details are below.

 1  Idea Categories

The idea categories assigned to the idea.


 2  Idea Tags

The idea tags assigned to the idea.



The number of comments posted to the idea.


 4  Idea Status

We added this feature so that you have the ability to change the Idea Status, which is the last column in the list of ideas. Although the status can be changed in the front end by editing the idea, this was added in the back-end as well for those times when several idea statuses need to be changed as it could be cumbersome to do many in the front end.

Note that we are also looking at the ability to do batch idea status updates in the future.

To change a status here:

Then select a new status from the drop-down list of statuses:

Finally, accept or cancel the change:

See the FAQ concerning the statuses available and whether or not they can be voted on.


 5  Quick Edit

With the exception of Idea Status above, you can quickly make changes to general (title, author, date, etc) and idea-specific details (idea categories, idea tags and allow or not allow comments) by using quick edit.

Note: While Quick Edit is quick, it is also not comprehensive and you may need to do normal (and full) editing to make a change to an idea. A good example is if you are using a social channel plugin to share an idea published where the controls (turn it on in an idea or turn it off in an idea) are only available in the normal editing of the idea.