Free Version Change Log

Our Free Version Change Log will identify either new upgrade or update releases.

An upgrade usually represents substantial enhancements or changes and will have a description of everything you need to know about them. An update usually represents bug fixes and minor enhancements or enhancements we feel are import or warranted as well as a list of any known major issues (for which we will have already planned for the next update or upgrade release).

Bug fixes:

  • [None]


  • Columns in Browse Ideas can now be sorted ascending or descending by clicking the column.
  • Compatibility with WordPress version 5.1.1.

Bug fixes:

  • When viewing an idea, Follow and Unfollow is no longer truncated when using the Gutenberg editor.


  • Compatibility with WordPress version 5.0.2.
  • Enabled option to upgrade to Premium.
  • Added CSS class to remove View Template link while editing.

I guess our initial launch should be called an upgrade. Since this is quite exhaustive, we refer you to these links that have a wealth of information about what you are getting with the Your Idea Counts! WordPress plugin. This initial release is compatible with WordPress version 4.9.8.

You may have already read these, but if you haven't these have valuable information:

  • Learn More. If you have not already read this description of what the plugin does, take a moment to do so as it has a good foundation.
  • Free versus Premium. See the difference between what you have as compared to our premium version.
  • Pricing. Our levels of pricing and usage.

Next, to get a feel for what the plugin can do and be immediately productive using it, please have a look at these sections:

  • Free Version Help. This is exhaustive documentation about how to use each part of the plugin. We have made every effort to be complete and to also make sure that what we tell you here is how the plugin faithfully works.
  • Blogs. We practiced and wrote about idea exchange even before thinking about this plugin. Our center piece if you will, the culmination of implementation and best practices that resulted in a very successful implementation, is our blog series Your Idea Counts! from which we took that title as the name of our plugin. Little did we know it would be the flagship name at the time written!