The Great Suggestion Failure

To say that customer suggestions are a great failure is both bold and harsh. These days, vendors, hosts and service providers actively solicit feedback from consumers. Yet these suggestions often never make it anywhere: internal barriers mask, inhibit, and even prevent the ideas from coming to fruition. Success starts with active listening. Good communication and collaborative participation from all stakeholders is a necessity. Sometimes this requires changing company culture, which can seem overwhelming but is worth it in the end. One of many classical use cases is a company suggestion box or link. It’s visible, it’s marketed, it’s encouraged. So, […]

Your Idea Counts! (Summary & Index)

This blog series publication was originally created in Jive Works and is faithfully replicated here as a convenience to our users. Brandy Robert, Senior Manager, Proactive Service Delivery, Oracle Corporation and Rob Shapiro, Senior Director, Customer Service Experience, Oracle Corporation, have teamed up to implement ideas in My Oracle Support Community. The Your Idea Counts! series of blogs was co-authored by them and will deep-dive in to topics such as why idea generation is important today; ways to capture ideas; user and business impact; changing company culture to rally around ideas; and, of course, measuring idea ROI’s, KPI’s and other […]